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Simplified IT

Due to moving all your most important business solutions onto Tier 1 data centres, you free up a large amount of your local IT needs, minimising any issue you may have. In fact it’s so simple to start using, that within 10 minutes of purchasing a new PC you can be up and running.

Your servers are maintained by top level professionals, offsite, so these costs and your backups are included in your monthly subscription fee.

We supply on-site IT in the simplest and most streamlined way possible, with an eye to maximum uptime. Our networks include both ADSL connections plus a backup 3G network in case of phone outages. Our local networks are kept wireless to lighten the requirement of having cables throughout the office and finally all our systems are simple off the shelf PC that can be replaced simply and quickly.

Finally we have automated setups for all your PC, removing the need to remember exactly what you need to click, just pop in the CD and all your icons are restore in one easy click.

But sometimes things just don’t quite work as thay should, and AIMs Business Solutions backround in IT comes to the rescue. We can remote troubleshoot issues for you, plus visit you onsite to solve those pesky networking issues.

Remember, as your data/programs are not stored on your local computer, if this fails you can just replace it with any computer that has Internet access. Thus very little downtime if your personal computer fails.