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Its not what you know, it’s who you know if not exactly true, it’s what you know and who you know.

At Aims we partner with a wide range of accountants, bookkeepers, IT support providers, software providers to bring you the very best in Software Solutions


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1. We give you the ability to see the reports you need to see where your company is financially;

2. This is hosted in the cloud and you can get access to these reports from anywhere in the world where you have internet access;

3. Supply an environment where the programs ‘talk’ to each other, reducing duplication [...]

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Aims Business Solutions Leading providers of SaaS: Software as a Solution for all small & medium businesses Retail Shops * Contractors * Manufacturers * Factories * Distributors Solar Installers * Plumbers * Electricians * Landscape Gardeners * Solicitors Accountants * Architects * Graphic Artists * Website Builders Importers/Exporters * Mobile Sales force * plus many more options …..


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Choose [...]

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