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FREE Business Report

The First step is we sit down with you and go through all the things that make your business tick, everything from your accounting practice through to your client interactions. Then we look at how you would like it to work? In a perfect day, how would your business hum?Read More

Once we have a clear idea, we put together a tailored software solution for you. Starting from a strong foundation of best bookkeeping practices that will make your accountant sing. Through to a variety of custom solutions including inventory/stock control, order processing, even document management and accountability. We present this back to you in a simple easy to understand plan for your business.

All of this is absolutely no cost to you, that’s over $200.00 worth of labour FREE.

Once you decided to go ahead, we will setup and configure all the software for business, making sure it covers everything you require, and then some extras you didn’t even know you wanted. Then we will sit down with you and your staff, and make sure everyone understand perfectly how it all works.

And finally, as a final gift, we include a full month of support free, to make sure your totally satisfied with our solution.