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Sales Support

Your sales team is an integral part of any business, AIMs Business Solutions offers many solutions for the sales team, whether there out on the road, or in a shop. We have software for CRM and Point Of Sale. From having all the correct product information on their iPad or Tablet, to been able to check stock level and place orders on their Phone. AIMs Business Solution has the solution for you.

Read MoreFor managers, nothing is more important than having a great CRM, they provide real-time visibility into their sales team activities so they can forecast sales with confidence. For sales reps, CRMs make it easy to manage customer information so they spend less time handling data and more time with customers.

For marketers, being able to track sales that result from leads generated through marketing campaigns on your web site, in email, or with Google AdWords. CRM software lets marketers track leads and sources, route leads to the right salespeople in real time, and provide the analytics to see what’s working and what can be improved.

Your customers may have questions about your products. Today, they might go to Google or Twitter to look for answers and only contact your call center if they can’t find what they need. To deliver stellar customer service, you want to right answer for your customer, quickly and easily. That way, your customers get answers fast and are happy. And it costs you less.

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