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Retail Shop

Retail Shop integrated with your Website

For Retail Shops that want an online presence, without the problem of having two different databases. That is you only have to change or add the description and price and this is uploaded to the web site by the click of a button. Orders placed on your website are downloaded into the Shop  or a Warehouse’s POS for fulfilment.Read More

Gone are the days where you have to update or add the products description to both your POS and your website, and products can be removed from the web site simply by changing a field in the shop POS.

Advantages of having Retail Shop and Website in the clouds:

  • Shop POS and associated Website
  • Website updates stock availability with shop sales
  • Web sales download to shop POS
  • Can be linked with Paypal or eBay for greater efficiency
  • Tablet compatible
  • Handles multiple shops
  • Updated prices & descriptions uploaded to website with one click
  • Integrated with Accounting software
  • Save time and increasing productivity
  • Lower IT Costs with cloud based
  • POS works offline, if Internet  is not available