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Home Advantage Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Will increase staff productivity

Because the software you will be using is fully integrated you will have increased productivity for your staff, as you will cut out the double data entry or the use of excel sheets to extract your answers.

Read MoreFacilitate Staff mobility

Instead of staff only having access to your database when in the office, they will be able to access the information when on the road or after hours. Management are able to access the reports they want after hours, when out of the office, or even if overseas.

Improve your knowledge of the business

The better data this cloud system can give you means you will get better, more timely reporting, allow you to better manage your business. This can be through better stock control, reducing stock on hand and/or better identifying stock that is selling.

Reduce IT costs

IT costs are reduced by moving to the clouds, where you have a very experienced IT personal maintaining the system at no additional costs to you. These IT savings would be with labour, lower or no server costs, and the ability to operate lower powered/costs computers, as larger computers are unwarranted.

In addition backups are made from the Cloud Server and removes the responsibility and costs of backups.

Improve cash flow

By having a powerful inventory management dashboard that shows stock trends as well as having stock alerts and re-order reports will improve you stock turns. This gives you an ability to operate on lower stock holding and thus improve you cash flow position.

Improve stock turnover

With better information of your stock on hand and required you can reduce your costs by decreasing the stock on hand. This allows you to better manage your stock control with a lower level of stock on hand.